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IFMIS Academy

The National Treasury / IFMIS Department established IFMIS Academy in May 2012 as a key capacity building institution for the IFMIS users. IFMIS Academy is now a leader in providing tailored training for IFMIS Users and stakeholders at the MDAs and Counties. The knowledge on the use of IFMIS by Department staff and IFMIS users in MDAS and County Governments is now well institutionalized.

IFMIS Academy objectives are to:

  • Ensure The National Treasury has the required documentation and training tools to support IFMIS Users and Technical Staff through training,
  • Increase the competency of existing IFMIS users and expand user base to develop a workforce  capable of using all the tools to complete their tasks with utmost ease,
  • Provide staff from both National and County Governments with personal development plans tailored to their role, current skills and aspirations,
  • Develop and deliver tailored training courses and materials that equip IFMIS Department staff with the skills to do their work effectively and efficiently,
  • Develop more IFMIS experts and IFMIS Super Users through capacity building,
  • Foster a learning culture by providing frequent and regular professional training opportunities.


IFMIS Academy offers training in different functional areas of finance management. The training is also based on the role each officer plays and their approval hierarchy in Government. The Academy’s core curriculum courses include Change management and IFMIS Functional Training.

(A) Change Management

The Change Management course focuses on participants perceptions on the IFMIS system. The training also demystifies the IFMIS system and highlights its advantages over the manual public financial management transactions.

Steps to bringing change among IFMIS Users include:

  • Creating awareness through continuous learning and training to enhance Users’ skill sets and capabilities,
  • Educating End-Users through confidence building to carry out their tasks and mandates,
  • Communicating with Users the benefits of the IFMIS system and making each End-User a change agent,
  • Actively overcoming resistance to change by preparing for change, managing change and re-enforcing change.

IFMIS Functional training

IFMIS Academy offers functional training based on training needs for different finance management officers in planning, budgeting, procurement and accounting among others.

1. The Re-engineering for Business Results (RBR)

Training in RBR constitutes a review of systems previously used by Government for financial management to identify where the IFMIS system can be used to enhance those processes. The training features all IFMIS components.

2. Plan to Budget (P2B)

The P2B training comprises general ledger workflows and the integrated P2B process and system i.e. program based budgeting, automated system for commitment ceilings, preparation of single Chart of Accounts and Enhanced Reporting Capabilities using the system. This training is recommended for budgeting and financial planning officers whose functional areas are budgeting in MDAs and Counties.

The training is also crucial for senior government officers who authorize payment – to understand the budgeting process and budget payment schedules.

3. Procure to Pay (P2P)

The P2P training comprises the automated procurement process; online tendering and award of contracts; online payment initiation and approvals; enforcement of budgetary controls and financial management using the IFMIS system. This training is for Procurement and Accounts Officers involved in the procurement process.

4. Revenue to Cash (R2C)

R2C training focuses on auto reconciliation of revenue and payment; automatic generation of Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) files and exchequer releases with IFMIS, as well as automated revenue collections. This training is recommended for officers in MDAs and Counties who are involved with revenue.

5. Record to Report (R2R)

In R2R training, participants learn electronic Transmission of Bank Statements from CBK; securing two- way interface between IFMIS and CBK; automated bank reconciliation and online maintenance of Bank account details. The training targets officers responsible for Government financial records.

6. ICT to Support (ICT2S)

This training focuses on ICT options including: IFMIS software; hardware and infrastructure Support; help desk training (for technical support); development of business continuity plans as well as disaster recovery plans. The ICT2S Training takes a two prong approach:

  • Training IFMIS Re-engineering technical department on the system to achieve Super Users’ status to support MDAS and County Governments. IFMIS Academy has developed a special curriculum for the IFMIS Re-engineering department team that is upgraded each time the IFMIS system,
  • Training County Government ICT officers on the system to equip them for their support role to finance management staff.