Implementation of this Strategic Plan will be guided by the following strategic objectives:

  • Ensure full development and implementation of existing and additional modules and functionalities as envisioned in IFMIS Strategic Plan (2013-2018);
  • Provide a framework to guide completion of the IFMIS roll out to the County Governments;
  • Provide a framework for increasing IFMIS awareness to all stakeholders;
  • Provide a framework for training and capacity building of government officers to enable effective use of the IFMIS system;
  • Ensure seamless integration or interfacing of IFMIS with other relevant financial management sub-systems including Central Bank of Kenya and Kenya Revenue Authority systems, among other stand-alone systems;
  • Increase capacity of the IFMIS core team in terms of skills and numbers to provide effective support to IFMIS operations both at National and County level; and
  • Ensure sustainability of the IFMIS system in driving the PFM agenda through adoption of continuous improvement, knowledge transfer, business continuity management and proper governance mechanisms.

Our Mission

“To passionately and with commitment, continuously enhance our capacities to innovate and leverage on the best of technology to provide for a fully integrated financial management.”

Our Vision

“An excellently secure, reliable, efficient, effective, and fully integrated financial management system.”

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