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Invoice Tracking Solution – Supplier Guide

The Invoice tracking solution is an enhancement of the isupplier portal that seeks to improve transparency and information flow to suppliers. The supplier portal has been now enabled to allow suppliers to;

  1. Create an Advance Delivey Notice(ADN)
  2. Create an invoice against a Purchase order
  3. Receive Notification during various process stages e.g inspection of goods, notification to create an invoice among others.
  4. Track of invoice payment in realtime.

Benefits of the invoice tracking solution include;

  1. Improved transparency throughout the payment process
  2. Reduce loss of documents as its possible to upload documents like delivery notes and invoices
  3. Suppliers will track their POs all through payment

Key steps
The two major steps in the invoice tracking solution are;

  1. Creation of an Advance Delivey Notice (ADN).
  2. Invoice Creation by the supplier.

What is an Advance Delivey Notice (ADN)
An Advance delivery Notice (ADN) is transmitted online from a supplier/vendor/trading partner to let the procuring entity know that a delivery is on its way.
A supplier will create a Delivery notice based on the demand conveyed by the purchasing Organization’s purchase order. For this case, an Advanced Delivery notice must be created against the procuring entity’s purchase order (PO)

Process of Creating an Advance Delivery Notice:

  • A purchase order is created by the procuring entity and shared with the supplier in the iSupplier portal
  • Supplier logs in the iSupplier portal, he/she creates an ADN against the specific PO and submits to the procuring entity
  • Supplier later on physically delivers the goods to procuring entity.

Application: iSupplier Portal
Navigation: New Kenya Supplier Full Access>Home > Delivery > Delivery Notices > Create Delivery Notices
Click “GO” on Views

From the list of POs, select the PO you expect to deliver goods against, then click “Add to Delivery Notice”

Capture the delivery number and expected Delivery Date

  • Delivery Number: Enter a unique value (eg. ADN_PO number_Your IFMIS Number)
  • Expected Delivery Date: Enter the date you expect to physically deliver the goods
  • Date: Defaults

Click Submit Button

The Advance Delivery Notice will be received by the procuring entity, and a notification will be sent to you, informing you if your Advance Delivery has been accepted or rejected.
If the Advance Delivery Notice is rejected, the purchase order will be re-availed for you to create a new Advance Delivery Notice. Where it is accepted, that will be a green light for the supplier to proceed and supply the goods.
Once the goods are in the hands of the Procuring Entity, they will inspect your goods and choose to Reject or Accept. Where goods are rejected, reasons for that will be shared in a notification on your iSupplier worklist. If the goods/services are accepted after the inspection process, a notification will be sent to that effect. At this stage, the supplier can go ahead and submit an Invoice for the goods delivered to the procuring entity.

Application: iSupplier Portal
Navigation: New Kenya Isupplier Full Access > Finance > Create Invoices
Click on “GO”

Click on Advance Search

Enter the supplier number and Click Go

Select the PO you are invoicing against and click “Add to Invoice”

Click Next

Then, Capture the invoice details as shown in the table below;

Invoice Number From the Physical INV
Invoice Date Today’s Date Defaults
Invoice Description Description
Attachment Hover your cursor on the attachment field to add an attachment. Delivery documents, Physical Invoices etc

Click Next. And then click “Submit” for the invoice to be sent to the procuring entity.
You will receive a notification that your invoice has been submitted to the procuring entity.
When the Procuring entity receives and starts processing your invoice, you will receive another notification notifying you that your invoice has been picked for processing.
A third notification will come in when your invoice is approved by the procuring entity. You will as well be notified when the procuring entity has started processing your payment, and finally when the payment is made to your Bank.

Click to download the guide: ADN Process – Supplier Guide