Counties IFMIS E- Procurement Training

Treasury has partner with the Kenya School Of Government to train government officers on IFMIS through the IFMIS Academy at the Kenya School Of Government.

A culture of continuous learning is of essence in enabling institutionalisation of knowledge on use of IFMIS by department staff and IFMIS users. To enhance achievement of this agenda, the department established IFMIS Academy as the key capacity building enabler.

IFMIS Academy has a structured competency based learning solution that links IFMIS department priorities and objectives to workforce roles, competencies and skills. Based on skills and competency requirements, a curriculum is then developed. The academy aims to be a Government leader in provision of professional development programmes tailored for IFMIS department staff and IFMIS users.

IFMIS academy set out to achieve the above mandate through the following strategic objectives:

  • Fostering of a learning culture, by providing frequent and regular professional training opportunities;
  • Providing staff with personal development plans tailored to roles, current skills and career aspirations;
  • Evaluating staff regularly through online and offline assessments in order to commend success and take corrective action depending on results;
  • Facilitation of knowledge transfer and knowledge management between employees and IFMIS; and
  • Addressing employee commitment to change through training and by building awareness.