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ICT to Support (ICT2S)

The main objective of this component is to provide a secure and reliable integrated financial management solution that will be an enabler for effective service delivery to the citizens of Kenya and value creator for all the Kenyan Government stakeholders. ICT to Support aims to provide the infrastructure and support required for a fully functional financial management system.

IFMIS department intends to leverage on technology to deliver service through operational excellence. The following objectives do guide the ICT to Support component in realising its goals:

  • Improvement of Service delivery;

  • Improvement of ICT Governance and Structure;

  • Improvement of Technology Architecture; and

  • Business Applications Integration.

IFMIS department has over the last few years made significant investment in ICT; key among these investments has been in the areas of IT security and infrastructure.


This has ushered in a new era of a fully automated procurement process, from requisition, tendering, contract award, to payment. The shift from manual to e-procurement makes public procurement more efficient and effective. It also enhances visibility and accountability at all levels of the procurement process, for the benefit of all Kenyans.

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