The National Treasury has Implemented and Rolled out IFMIS to National and County Governments to facilitate prudent financial management and accurate and transparent reporting. IFMIS end user have been continuously trained on the system functionalities for budgeting payment processing e-procurement, revenue management and financial report.

The National Treasury strives to continuously enhance IFMIS operations by reviewing the automated business processes and ensuring efficient end user support in National and County Government. To provide a more structured and efficient approach to receiving and resolving and user support issues, we have revamped the IFMIS Helpdesk and Call center. The helpdesk will facilitate users in National and County Governments optimize the full benefits of IFMIS system by enabling timely resolution of their issues.

The IFMIS helpdesk is a web based portal that provides a one stop shop for raising issues encountered by users while using the system. This portal facilitate tracking and analysis of issues that users raise and further enables the users to follow up on issues resolution.

The revamp IFMIS Help Desk enables IMIS users in National and County to log in their issues on the IFMIS Helpdesk portal (Http:// or call the IFMIS toll free number ; 0204801801. Public institutions with the Government IP telephony system installed can also reach the call center by dialing 1011801 from the IP telephone.

IFMIS toll free number ; 0800221416

Helpdesk 020 4801801